To restore health or prevent illnesses, medical care is crucial.


We offer the following services:


  • Initial consultation or first assessment with the patient, by phone, in writing, or in person at one of our offices, to clarify the patient's health issue and discuss their concerns.

  • Review of the patient's current medical reports and submission to the relevant specialist if medical examinations have already been conducted.

  • If no previous medical records are available, we organize appointments for the patient's initial examination and diagnosis.

  • Presentation of medical reports to specialized doctors and hospitals, requesting a provisional cost estimate and scheduling admission dates for the patient.

  • Determination and organization of all necessary examinations related to the patient's health condition.

  • Comprehensive planning and organization of the entire trip, including flight booking, accommodation, and assistance with visa formalities.

  • Reception and transfer service within Germany and from the airport, hospital, and hotel.

  • Translation of medical reports into the patient's native language.

  • Organization of high-quality recovery accommodation if needed or upon request.

  • Accompaniment by an interpreter during doctor's appointments or examinations.

  • Consideration of patients' needs and cultural, religious, and psychological desires.

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