Welcome to Almnara

More and more people from abroad are coming to Germany to seek medical treatment. Undergoing surgery abroad requires careful planning. Flights and accommodation need to be booked, and perhaps a visa needs to be applied for. Our agency gladly takes on these tasks and ensures that our patients receive quality care during conservative medical treatments, such as after surgery.


Almnara Health Services combines all these healthcare services and offers the following to its clients through its three departments:


Patient Services

Tourism Services

First-Class Service


Everything you need, all in one place.

Since the majority of the Almnara team has Arabic roots and speaks Arabic as a native language, in addition to German and Russian, and since we have many partners in Arab countries, we have tailored our services specifically to patients from the Arab region and Russia.

Furthermore, we serve as a link between foreign patients and globally renowned medical facilities in Germany. Whether as a patient or someone in need of medical assistance, we offer you the opportunity to connect with highly qualified and specialized doctors in all medical fields, whether for consultations or appointments.

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