Almnara Medical Services

Grunewaldstrasse 12 10823 Berlin

Phone: - +4917684520286

Phone: - +49 30 3049204903

Tax number: 18/276/00516

VAT identification number: - DE334440467

A company established in Berlin in 2014 to serve Arab guests in Europe and Germany on their visits to Germany in general and Berlin in particular for spa, tourism or recreational purposes.


The company offers all the services that the guest needs in Germany, starting with accommodation and lodging, providing vans and limousines, booking and arranging patient visits, translation, aftercare, medicines, tourism, providing nannies, housemaids and shopping.




Almnara has contracts with apartments, hotels and residential villas throughout Europe and Germany.


The company offers all housing solutions for long and short stays, resorts and luxury, depending on the customer's needs.


cars and limousines


We have luxury sedans and have agreements with a number of car rental companies for those wishing to drive across Europe and within Germany.




We have many years of experience with hospitals and treatments, follow-up treatments and the fastest possible supply of medication, we provide an interpreter for doctor's consultations and all possible assistance to ensure that the treatment runs smoothly and the visit is successful. We also track and receive treatment reports, arrange and translate them (if requested) and ship them within and outside of Germany.




We offer qualified translators for all purposes (medical, tourism, official and legal libraries and shopping)




We are ready to make tours in all attractive areas, inform you about each area, its importance and history inside and outside Berlin and all over Europe and organize entertainment tours inside and outside Europe.


nannies and maids


We have contracted with a number of nannies and housemaids during treatment time or holidays so that all family members can enjoy the visit.




We provide drivers and shopping experts and, if required, organize visits to the most important markets across Europe to make shopping easy and pleasant. We also offer a range of property deals across Europe




We provide all VIP services with care and attention including accommodation, treatment, limousine, tourism and shopping


Services worthy of VIP status, enhancing your visit to Europe.




We are ready to sign contracts with embassies and responsible visitors or with the visitors themselves.


Languages ​​.